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What struck me most forcefully when I started reporting on the Quiverfull and homeschooling movements was how seriously they took the threat of feminism. They wrote a library of books instructing conservative evangelical women that women’s equality was a slippery slope, and that accepting careers or family planning led directly to divorce, abortion, child abuse, and gay marriage.

This first struck me as an almost hysterical overreach, but I came to see it as something else: Christian conservatives acknowledging feminism’s revolutionary potential, taking it far more seriously than did mainstream society. And that’s something else Faludi diagnosed early on. While the 1980s media raced to declare feminism’s obsolescence — a “fringe” issue and “sideshow” to the New Right’s more serious policy objectives — “the players in the right ­wing fundamentalist drama knew better,” as Faludi writes. “For them, public punishment of autonomous feminist women was no less than the main event.”
When Pro-Woman Means the Opposite — Matter — Medium (via misandry-mermaid)

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"Finnish forest roads rise and fall over more crests and blind brows than any other network of roads in common use for rallying. If these crests are taken at anything like a reasonable speed, cars will leave the ground, leap high into the air and come down with sickening crashes which find weak spots in any suspension and shake he very bones of competitors who are unprepared." - Motor Sport magazine

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